My Take on “The Traveling Onion”

This was by far one of my favorite poems . I love cooking and on the surface that is exactly what the author is talking about. More specifically about the under appreciated  and yet so essential onion. There is a lot of imagery while describing the onion, “crackly paper peeling on the drainboard, pearly layers in smooth agreement…”.  I don’t know if it would be hyperbole but there is a line that says “I could kneel and praise all small forgotten miracles”, odbviously she isn’t going to worship this little onion for all it has done, she is essentially expressing how we should take note of the things that seem insignificant because they too do great things. First the poem starts out with a  beautiful description of an onion and it makes you feel so appreciative for them, then we go on to read about how forgotten it is. How the onion made everything in that stew better and only contributed good things to all the other stew components around it. This onion put all it was into that stew and in the end it became “limp, now divided, or its traditionally honorable career: For the sake of others, disappear”. This made me think about how some people exert so much effort into helping others and spreading their potent “taste” all around them that they end up exhausted and translucent like the onion. There are some people and things in our live that we take for granted and forget to thank them. So, go thank your onions for being strong ingredients in your life. Just as the stew would be lacking in taste without the onion, our lives would too be lacking without the ones who love us so much they are blunt and can make us cry and those who add a little extra flavor when things get dull.

-Hannah Stanton


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