“I, Too” by Langston Hughes

In this blog post I have decided to share part of my journal entry from this weeks readings about Langston Hughes:

In the poem, “I, Too”, by Langston Hughes sings about America. The poem sounds like it’s from an early age, where colored people were the dirt of the american soil and the white folk were the high class of royalty. You’ll notice it in the poem when the narrator says, “They send me to eat in the kitchen/When company comes,” (line 3-4). He/she only gets to eat at the nice kitchen table until someone else, better than him/her, comes along. But the next time a visitor comes he/she will not leave the table for them, “Tomorrow,/I’ll be at the table/When company comes./Say to me,/’Eat  in the kitchen,’/Then.” (lines 7-13). This is said because they too are just as part of the white folk as anyone else is the same on this planet. This poem gives me a thought of empowerment, like King Jr.


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