Amy Lowell 1874-1925

Influenced by Ezra Pound, Amy Lowell believed the imagist movement in poetry. This is clearly read in her poetry even her shorter poems which, like some of Pound’s, were expressed through a single sentence that brings strong imagery and great thought provoking ideas such as her poem “A Lover”-

“If I could catch the green lantern of the firefly I could see to write you a letter.”

In my analysis of this poem, I believe she is in love with someone, but she doubts that he loves her in return. Green symbolizes a few things such as jealousy or wickedness. However, green can also symbolize hope especially in this poem where the conot6ation suggests with the imagery of a lantern and fireflies that these images are more innocent than wicked. In a way, the narrator, who is the lover, or in more emphasis, a lover out of many, explains that if she held the hope that this man held her reciprocal affection she would write a love letter to him.

Another equally gorgeous and dramatic poem by Lowell:

Vernal Equinox

The scent of hyacinths, like a pale mist, lies

between me and my book;
And the South Wind, washing through the room,
Makes the candles quiver.
My nerves sting at a spatter of rain on the shutter,
And I am uneasy with the thrusting of green shoots
Outside, in the night.

Why are you not here to overpower me with your

tense and urgent love?

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