A Theme for Matt Gano


Hello everyone. This is an old post, updated for the blog, that I thought you might enjoy.


A theme I found Matt Gano projecting is family. I first noticed this when reading and listening to his poems because the subjects immediately connected with some of my own family memories and caused me to reflect on those family experiences. Matt Gano accomplished this by using motifs to conjure images in his readers minds causing his poems to convey a family-Esq feeling. In Gano’s poems: “Torpedoes,” “Extractor,” “How to Rule,” and “Launching the Whale,” he writes: “My love for my brother” (Gano 10), “Dad lets us keep the money/and we get along like brothers” (Gano 14), “nobody makes my brother cry…but me!” (Gano 17) and “My dad” (Gano 18).  As we can see, Gano repeatedly mentions his father and brother across all four poems bringing images of family to the reader’s mind. In the end, these motifs point us towards the broader message of family causing the reader to connnect with the poems on a much more personal level which even leads to a greater understanding and memorable experience.


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