A Little of Mine

During my time in Eng 113 with O’Connell, I’ve found poetry liberating and expressive. It is for those moments of inspiration and perfection that come every so often in life. I’ve started writing simple poetry of my own which I would like to share. So far I have two poems which I will share here.

The Cold War

In this world

Two things are Certain:

The threat of death

and conflicts between us.

Mutually assured destruction is certain

Yet we still push each other

to the brink of

such commotion?

It begs the question:

Are we enemies at peace

or allies at war,

because there is such thing

as friendly fire

in war.

Maybe were just confused,

drunk with life,

looking for a conflict.

Or to complicated of lives

and just looking

for a conduit.

It it came down to it,

The end of the world as we know it.

I would let you destroy me,

because I said:

I love you, to the death of me.

Time Machine

Have you ever wondered

what going back in time

feels like?

It’s true! Don’t be bothered,

but my imagination

Is a fly as a kite.

This time machine

is open to everyone.

Try it!

Ok, close your eyes,

imagine a keen,

older, mature and nostalgic


Money that you had to earn,

work that you have to go to.

and years going by faster

and faster.

You are now,


From the future!


go find

Your Mother

You are

visiting the past.

Don’t cry now,

we know it works,

Just hug her. She won’t be here


This post was by Juan Macedo


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